Dana first began practising yoga in 1998 whilst working full time in Sydney's CBD. It was not long before she realised the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally and longed to be no other place than yoga class. 

A 16 year background of RAD classical ballet and a fully qualified and accredited group fitness leader with Fitness NSW since 1993, Dana knew that yoga teaching was her destiny.    

She began teaching yoga in 2001 and since that time has devoted her life to yoga teachings, having spent weeks away at the Sarasvati yoga ashram living and learning yoga. Dana completed her Diploma of yoga teaching through Sarasvati yoga association in January 2004. In early 2008 Dana became a level 2 member of Yoga teachers Association of Australia. Dana has full Teaching membership with International Yoga teachers association IYTA and holds a post graduate diploma in pre and post natal yoga. She has also completed Magic Monkey kids yoga training and Zenergy Yoga training for toddlers, children, tweens and teens - Yoga for children foundation training course.

Dana has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. Her general hatha yoga classes are fun and energising, building strength, flexibility and healthy bodies and minds. She teaches kids yoga, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, hatha vinyasa yoga classes, mums and bubs yoga, yoga nidra/relaxation, pranayama/ breathing and meditation.

In 2007 she teamed up with Vicki Hansen from Medicine music and together they made a relaxation/ yoga nidra CD which has helped so many people to relax, unwind, breathe and calm. 5 minutes of yoga nidra provides you with 20 minutes of good, deep sleep. Westerners lack good, deep sleep with their busy lifestyles. She believes the power of yoga nidra/ relaxation is amazing. Their CD Yoga Nidra- Blissful relaxation for mind and body can be seen on our yoga shop.

Her Post Graduate diploma of pre & post natal yoga with IYTA (International Yoga Teachers association) she has successfully completed modules in pre and post natal yoga, labour, active birth, birthing, baby massage and benefits of touch, post natal care and mums and bubs yoga.

Dana is passionate about empowering woman during their pregnancy and birth. 2016 has seen the launch of another CD with Vicki Hansen from Medicine music. Mindful pregnancy. Relaxation, mindfulness and meditation for pregnancy and child birth. Connect to your body and breath, have faith and trust in yourself and anything is possible. This CD is available on our yoga shop.

Dana's yoga practice provides balance and energy. She encourages everybody to practise yoga to create strong bodies, healthy minds and true inner happiness.

She truely believes that yoga is our savour to injury, disease, stress and aging. It is never too late to start yoga ".. as today is the start of the rest of your life." 
  About Laurie 
Laurie started practicing yoga about 30 years ago to help him with this surfing. It was a slow development initially, just adding poses to his routine over a few years. He started to find on the weeks his yoga practice was poor, something was not right.  So Laurie decided to explore a little more deeply and found he had a natural affinity to yoga practice and philosophy. 
About 10 years ogo Laurie decided to become a yoga teacher. He studied a diploma of yoga teaching through Premier Healing, Caringbah.  He then went on to study Personal training and Pilates. 
Laurie believes he has a balanced view of yoga. He loves to practice yoga and says' it feels like therapy to me. I love that yoga encompasses mind, body and spirit." 
Laurie believes people should come to their own understanding of yoga. As a teacher he likes to guide and encourage people to practice yoga in a happy , calming environment.  Laurie's yoga teachings help people increase their capacity to live life through yoga.
Yoga Teacher Laurie now teaches the first Wednesday night of each month at 7.30pm  starting in April 2015  And The third Thursday night at 6.25pm of each month starting 19 February 2015. 
Laurie also teaches some Saturday's throughout the year at 7am and 8.10am  -The next Saturday Laurie is teaching is 7 March 
about yoga 
Yoga means to bind, yoke or join together the body, mind and spirit, through the use of the breath. Yoga is for everybody. Yoga is conscious living. The physical practise of yoga is linking our body movements with our breathing to create strong, flexible, healthy bodies and in turn create an abundance of energy. We ultimately want to connect our mind and body to maintain balance, focus, inner peace, happiness and harmony. Each class consists of a sequence of asanas (poses) pranayama (breathing), and end with meditation and relaxation leaving you refreshed and ready to face any new challenge. 
Yoga with Dana