Mindful Pregnancy CD


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Mindful Pregnancy CD : Blissful mediations to relax and energise during pregnancy and birth.
A must have an any pregnant mum wanting an active, natural birth. This CD keeps you in the present moment, allows you to go with the flow and accept what is. If we get control of the breath, we get control of the mind. Once we have control of the mind anything is possible. Therefore an active, natural birth is possible. The relaxation tracks create visualisations. The benefits of visualisation is a positive view of birth and expecting the very best,  it creates a deep connection with your precious baby, reduces labour pain and may shorten your labour. Visualisations also heightens your intuition which means you will know what is best and feels best for yourself and your baby. Visualisations and controlled, slow breathing reduces fear.  Let go of fear, believe in yourself and anything is possible. Breathing, visualisations, rocking, circle movements and sound will increase endorphins making them the perfect tools for a positive, active birth. The Sound tracks create spirit and energy, blocks pain which is good for intense labour, helps lengthen exhalation, keeps your jaw relaxed and lips moist and taps into birthing energy and power. You will gather so much inner power and strength. This will allow you to completely surrender, let go and let be. These tools are very inspiring and empowering.
Track 1 : Introduction of pregnancy safety
Track 2 : A guided relaxation for pregnancy. Connect to Nature  15mins 30secs
Track 3 : A guided relaxation for pregnancy. Connect to Baby      23mins 25secs
Track 4 : A pregnancy and birthing breath
Track 5 : Creating positive sounds – A, E, I, O, U
Track 6: Creating positive sounds – OO, A, E
Written and performed by Dana Gifford, Music is written and composed by Vicki Hansen